IT Systems

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BenchStrength International specializes in consulting in the insurance and reinsurance verticals, in particular, we have developed a deep understanding of how the global markets operate and as a consequence many of our customers are large multi-national carriers looking to leverage our expertise. When it comes to the systems run by many of the multi-national carriers to support their mid-office processing, BSI has developed a practice staffed with consultants that have extensive experience working with a number of global applications. These include and are far from limited to Iris, Open Co+/Box+, Wins, RSG, Phoenix, KCenter.

In fact, our brand has become synonymous with ‘best of breed’ services in this arena. For example, we are now a recognized leader in providing the services required to implement Genius and manage the solution when in production. Collectively there are well over 20 GENIUS customers with worldwide locations utilizing the services of BSI to support their various and diverse GENIUS implementations.

Our services around IT systems include:

  • Business Operations and Administration
  • Hotline and Support
  • Maintenance and Operations
  • PTF Release Upgrade Management
  • Training
  • Systems integration
  • Web Services 
  • Data Migration
  • Product configuration
  • Data Conversions