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BenchStrength International (BSI) is a consulting company dedicated to working with insurance and reinsurance organizations throughout the world to ensure delivery of strategic and tactical objectives.

The company’s main business drivers, from inception, have been to create solutions that translate into enhanced productivity coupled with effective cost management for our customers.  This has been achieved consistently with BSI bringing practical, efficient, rapid and durable answers to critical business and technology issues.  

BSI’s consultants are highly experienced in the insurance, reinsurance or technology environments.  BSI assembles well qualified and self motivated individuals who can bring immediate value to our customers as they look to manage change.  This has resulted in BSI being recognized as a leader in this field and being fully integrated into the activities of many globally recognized insurance and reinsurance organizations.

Our mission is to incorporate the best available personnel in the market into every BSI project and firmly establish BSI as the pre-eminent source for insurance and reinsurance projects.

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OFF BEAT: Makeup artist alleges cheap cosmetics damage her reputation

Hollywood makeup maven Paula Dorf says she is a victim of identity theft by a New Jersey distributor she alleges is using her name and tarnishing her reputation by selling bargain-basement makeup made in China.

Treasury delays, eases health reform law employer mandate

The Treasury Department on Monday gave employers more time before they will have to fully comply with a health care reform law requirement that they offer coverage or be liable for a big financial penalty.